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Bravo doors has been a trusted name for sliding wardrobe door trade clients, for more than a decade.

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Sliding Wardrobe Doors Trade

The secret is bespoke

Every housing project is unique. Therefore, every sliding wardrobe door should be a bespoke creation to match the style and form of the project. Our trade clients appreciate the Bravo way of doing things and they prove it by coming back to us again and again.

The creation of bespoke sliding doors starts with design. Our highly skilled design team can create a perfect design style solution for any project, complementing any architectural style.

The London architecture covers everything from the ancient times of Londinium, to the hypermodern glass structures being built in modern times. The design of our trade sliding wardrobe doors ads to the style and architecture of any specific surroundings because we customise every single door made.

An old home could be a modern place and a new building could also cast a glare of tradition. No matter what you want to express with your project, our designers will create a solution to suit your needs.

We offer a wide range of colours, profiles and door designs adding up to hundreds of different design styles and finishes. We manufacture all tempered, laminated and speciality glass in our own factory, keeping safety and quality at heart.

Choose your glass opacity to provide breath-taking styles while maximizing natural light and creating privacy for both people and storage. We can design door panels in almost any colour or material, giving extra value to any housing trade project.

Sliding wardrobe doors for trade

The Bravo doors factory in London is a fully equipped wardrobe sliding door manufacturer. Our capacity of more than 300 bespoke sliding doors every day represent the culmination of state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, combined with the care and skill of our highly dedicated workforce.

Because we have a passion for handcrafted furniture, whilst also mechanising the simplest tasks of the production, we are able to produce both high volumes, and bespoke solutions.

Every door is made to measure and designed especially for your project. This is the Bravo way of doing things. We never compromise or accept low quality solutions. This makes us the safest partner to your project. No matter the scale or client expectations we will deliver a high-end product that is made to last.

Since we own the entire process from factory to field, we have full control on the process from estimating, to fitting the doors on site. This way we bring an extra value to your project. We take care of everything on your behalf.

Making a difference.

We aim to improve people’s lives. Organising a home with bespoke wardrobe solutions ads to the quality and peacefulness off life. Still, there is much more to life than design and manufacturing.

Therefore, we have created the Bravo foundation.

We have promise to be a good employer, a good neighbour and to support causes that provide the essentials for a better life. Through the Bravo foundation the Bravo company and its employees responds to causes with financial contributions, donations of products and volunteer time.

The foundation is a part of our philosophy to create “a value beyond doors”. Skilled craftmanship, mechanised production and social responsibility all plays a part in the Bravo company.

Welcome to the Bravo doors – the expert on sliding wardrobe doors for trade.