Why Choose Bravo Sliding Wardrobe Doors

Sliding wardrobe doors are the hottest trend in bedroom furniture. The finest bespoke sliding doors are made in London.

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Sliding Wardrobe Doors

Sliding door from Bravo doors

Our fully equipped wardrobe sliding door factory is based in London. This way we have full control on production, and we can customise any wardrobe solution. With high-end machines and a highly skilled staff, our production capacity is at more than 300 bespoke sliding doors every day.

Every door is made to measure and designed especially for you. This is the Bravo way of doing things. We never compromise or accept low quality solutions. Function and design fits and ads to your wardrobe space.

Continuous innovation, efficient product estimating and ‘value beyond doors’ are what set us apart from everybody else. Since we own the entire process from factory to field, we bring an extra value. With the highest quality products, best pricing and a full range of sliding doors, we deliver all the way from estimating to the successful installation.

Who is Bravo?

At Bravo London a team of specialists work with every client individually. We all actively participate in making sure project budgets, functional requirements and deadlines are met. Starting with design, moving the project to production, and finally fitting the final product in your home.

We work closely together with the largest homebuilders in the UK, using our sliding doors in their projects. So, whether you are looking for sliding doors for your home or you are contracting a larger housing project, then we are here to help.

Earning client loyalty is always our priority. This mindset helps us ensure clients come back to us with new projects again and again.

New possibilities with sliding wardrobe doors

A wardrobe is a large piece of furniture, that needs to suit both your style and needs. Therefore, we have a long range of opportunities when it comes to colours and style. Sliding wardrobe doors is one of the hottest trends in housing and with our unique team of experts we can create almost anything you like.

The Bravo profile system is a result of combining the latest engineering research, and the use of advanced technology. We offer 6 different frame shape styles, and you can choose from 6 different colours as well. This giving you the opportunities you need to match your style and colour scheme of your home project.

The profile system for the sliding wardrobe doors is a high-quality product made to last a lifetime.

The mechanisms of rolling doors and rails can make up to 110.000 cycles of opening and closing for the lifetime of the mechanism. That is nearly 30 years with approximately 10 openings and closings every day. Our manufacturer’s guarantee is supported by extensive testing of the profiles and rails. The Bravo profile system comes with a 10-year warranty.

A wide range of panel options. You can choose almost any type of panel imaginable. MFC, MDF, glass, mirror, decorative plastic or how about door infill panels covered in real leather?

If you go for glass panels you can choose different opacity and colouring to provide an absolutely breath-taking style.

You can also choose from our suggested designs or you can create your very own. You will never run out of choices and sliding doors shopping is a breeze at Bravo doors.

The key to it all, is getting you the sliding wardrobe doors that provides an extra dimension to your living area.

Sliding wardrobe doors from Bravo London

Even though we give a 10-year warranty, chances are you’ll outlive your new wardrobe doors. Our products are the highest quality wardrobe doors in the market. We dare to say this because we take great pride in both design and the choosing of materials.

We don’t just sell you a sliding wardrobe door. We take on the responsibility of designing and producing a customized solution that will have an impact on your life. Getting you organized and contributing to the architecture of your home.

Bravo – your supplier of sliding wardrobe doors.