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Trade Sliding Doors

Sliding wardrobe doors from Bravo London

The Bravo London sliding wardrobe doors factory in London is a fully equipped wardrobe sliding door manufacturer. A combination of a highly skilled workforce and modern automation sets our capacity to more than 300 bespoke sliding doors every day.

Every door is made to measure and designed especially for your project. This is the Bravo way of doing things. We never compromise or accept low quality solutions. Therefore, we are the safest partner to your project, no matter the scale or client expectations.

Since we own the entire process from factory to field, we have full control on the process from estimating, to fitting the doors on site. This way we bring an extra value to your project. We take care of everything on your behalf.

Designing trade sliding doors

Sliding doors enhance a room and improve your chance of selling houses. By giving your buyers precisely what they want; luxury, style and quality, your project will stand out in the housing market.

The modern family wants to maximise the storage space in an effort to increase quality of life. An organised home brings peace of mind and makes for an efficient household. Sliding door storage solutions in your properties will provide a real perception of innovation and value to help differentiate your homes from those of your competitors.

We offer a wide range of profiles, door designs and glass types hence, a possibility of creating hundreds of different styles, designs and finishes.

With the Bravo design team on your side, you can not fail. Our designers will work close by your side to create designs that ad to the architecture and style of your project. The Bravo way of doing things has made us a trusted name in sliding doors for more than a decade.

Selecting the proper materials.

Producing a high-quality product starts with selecting the right materials for the job.

The Bravo London profile system is made by an alloy of primary aluminum. The profiles are made by extrusion with a special pressing tool. Monochrome Profiles are anodized in accordance with EN 12373-1.2001. The minimum average thickness is 15 microns.

The sliding doors are up to 1,500 mm wide and 3,200 mm high, with a maximum door weight of 160 kg. These scales make for a wide range of optimisation opportunities. Our trade clients benefit from our scalable doors, because we can create customised solutions for any project.

The lower roller is made with a metal bearing that does not require lubrication. This provides a quiet and smooth opening and closing of the sliding doors. Top rollers are made of durable plastic. Bravo London rollers are characterized by high reliability and high durability.

The mechanisms of the rolling doors and rails can make up to 110,000 cycles of opening and closing of the door, for the lifetime of the mechanism. That is nearly 30 years with approximately 10 openings-closings every single day. These mechanisms have gone through extensive testing to make sure they are at the highest possible quality.

Therefore, you can trade sliding wardrobe doors from Bravo with the utmost confidence. Create your building project with products that last.